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Henry ford – The Greatest Entrepreneur

Who Was Henry Ford?

Henry Ford Founder of Ford Motor Company and American automobile manufacturer. He went on to develop the assembly line mode of production. He modernized the automotive industry. As a result, Ford sold millions of cars and became a world-famous business leader.

Early Life and Education

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, in the US. Ford attended a one-room school for eight years. When Ford was 13 years old, his father gifted him a pocket watch, which the young boy promptly took apart and reassembled. Ford’s Friends and neighbors were impressed and requested that he fix their timepieces too. He at the age of 15, left formal education. Henry Ford Loved Cars.

Business Story of Henry Ford

In 1890, Ford was hired as an engineer for the Detroit Edison Company. After three years, he was promoted to the post of chief engineer. Henry divided his time in operating and repairing engines. Ford always wanted to develop a horseless carriage. After a struggle, Ford built his first gasoline-powered buggy, which had a two-cylinder, four-horsepower engine. In 1896, he constructed his first model car, the Ford Quadricycle. In 1899, funding from investors results in the development of a third model car.

Ford Motor Company

Ford left Edison Company to pursue his car-making business full-time. With the experience from the Edison Company and making its two horseless carriages, he decided to make his own company. After a few trials, Ford established the Ford Motor Company in 1903.


Henry ford - The Greatest Entrepreneur

Important Factors of Henry’s Success

Henry had the following golden factors:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Willingness to take risks
  3. Mechanical Ability
  4. Broad Vision
  5. Convincing power


Here are some popular models by Ford Motor:

  • Ford’s Quadricycle
  • Ford’s 999
  • Model T

Model T by Ford Motor

Model T was Affordable for most Americans. It was manufactured in October 1908. Model T is known for its durability and versatility. It is simple to drive and cheap to repair.

Success Of Ford Company

Ford Company’s success was stretched, rapidly, from the iron mines of northern Michigan to the jungles of Brazil. It operated in 33 countries around the globe ( Six Continents). Most remarkably, not one cent had been borrowed to pay for any of it. It was all built out of profits. The company is making more new models day by day.

Some known models are :

  • Mustang
  • Fusion
  • Fiesta etc


Model years‎: ‎1965–present

Body style‎: ‎2-door coupé, 3-door hatchback.

Production‎: ‎March 1964 – present

Ford Edge

Horsepower: 335

Cylinders: Inline 4

Total seating: 5

All-wheel drives


Power‎: ‎69 – 138 bhp

Max. speed‎: ‎94–130 mph

Capacity‎: ‎1,242–1,998 cc

Conclusion of Henry ford – The Greatest Entrepreneur

Currently, Ford is ranked as the 5th largest automobile company. Ford Company makes Best Cars of the days. Today, Ford continued to make money. Ford Net Worth: $143.9 Billion. U.S. official statistics show:

Net income from each of Ford’s nearly 200,000 workers in 48 plants is $ 1.47 per hour


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